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01 December 2008 @ 03:46 pm
I really didn’t know how I felt about the movie after we watched it last November 25, rewatching it again (Don’t ask how :)) ) I can now say that I feel pretty good about the movie. I mean, it wasn’t as I thought it would be but I like it better the second time around. I think because I’ve criticized and analyzed the film when we watched it last November 25 , I really didn’t get the chance to enjoy the film. I did get all giddy and swooned over by the ever-so-adorable Rpattz, but watching the movie the first time, I felt that it lacked something. I don't know exactly what then, it just did:))

Watching it over again, I've had time to finally accomplish what I planned on before watching the movie and that was to isolate myself and see the movie as a different piece of art, separating my fore thoughts of the book. I tried my best to exclude all the things I know that's supposed to happen in the film from the book. Here's my synopsis of the movie so far.

The things I loved:

I loooved Rpattz, dang that perfection! hahahahahahahahaha
Bella hitting Jacob with the car door
Bella's klutz moments:))
The first biology scene was awesome, Rpattz' reaction was priceless:))
The Cullen entrance was awesome! Especially Rob's smile;)
When the kids at school see that Edward and Bella are together! hahaha Badass Wayfarers!
The "Money.Sex.Money.Sex...Cat" scene was so funny:))
The hilarious antics of Charlie and Billy(Especially Charlie with teh shotgun!)
The kiss scenes were smoking hot! (again you better watch out OREGANO)
The baseball scene was made of WIN! especially the bat moves Jackson had going on:))
Rosalie saying "My Monkey Man":))
Jasper looking like he's about to shit himself:))
The girl who played Jessica did it well
The "meet the cullens" scene was still made of win even though we've seen that clip from the leaked Italian vid:)
Eric was hilarious:))
Rob giving Kellan teh Finger during the banging of hot bods at the baseball scene!
Rob is sporting the "wet look" really well
Emmett is so cute! Kellan really played him well!!!
The prom scene totally killed a good way:))
Flightless Bird, American Mouth was foshizz a really really really awesome song!
THE CREDITS!!! TBQFH it is made of WIN!!!!

The things I didn't like:

Bella not cooking for Charlie, not even once!
How the heck was Billy Black able to drive?:))
The flying/hovering scene(on the treetops) kinda sucked
The meadow scene could have been more, I don't know INTIMATE?
No Alice/Jasper or Emmett/Rosalie at the prom!!!!
Jacob's hair needs improvement!!!
I do not approve of the SPARKLE effect
I really wanted the Bloodtyping part to be in the movie:(
Jasper's powers weren't really made known of in the movie:(
Where was that scene from the trailer where Emmett looks constipated? The "It's wrong Edward she's not one of us" part:))
I really wanted the part of the movie where Bella tries to escape Alice/Jasper to have been more accurate! Especially the letter she wrote for Edward:(
The "Be Safe" message wasn't there
I wasn't that happy with Bella's prom dress
The SFX needs improvement(well especially now that they got the money!!!)
Bella's laptop? Didn't she like have a really old computer in the books?:))
Was there even an "I love you" uttered in that film?
No "Dazzle" talk
There should have been a more better development between Edward and Bella, everything was just hastened
I felt that the field trip was very unnecessary

Okay, New Moon is confirmed already! hahahaha But it's set for 2010. I cannot believe that:)) I'm gonna be ancient by then and when they show Breaking Dawn on 2013, I'm gonna be an old lady!=))

So the movie wasn't as awesome as I thought it would be.After all it's just an adaptation of the film:) Well if you didn't like it the first time as well, I suggest you all watch it again:) And if you haven't read the books, read em:) They're a whole lot better:)

But I really can conclude now that i LOVED it:D I'm so buying the ORIGINAL DVD when it comes out:)) Hardeeharhar:))
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30 November 2008 @ 12:14 pm
Since I am still a FANGirl:)) I am giving myself these as early Christmas presents:

Product Description:

Twilight is now available in a deluxe collector's edition! Featuring a ribbon bookmark, cloth cover, ragged edges, new chapter opener designs, and a beautiful protective slipcase, this edition is perfect for fans and collectors alike.

YUMMY RIGHT? hahahahahahaha
Yes that's the Twilight: Collector's Edition!! It's available already in the Philippines! hahahahahaha Sa mga Fullybooked branches pa nga lang:D I already have a copy reserved and I'm having Francine buy it for me since she's near Fullybooked sa Promenade:) She's my go to girl for buying stuff I can't buy here sa South! hahahaha Anyways it costs around 1200Php, so that leaves me at my amazingly money spent on Twilight that estimates to about 9000Php:)) YES 9000, no I am not rich:)) I save up everyday, fighting the temptation to buy food and such sa school:))

I'm also buying this from--> and He'll be arrriving here sa Phils this December, so you can just imagine my excitement!!!:)


I can't wait to have these!!!!

I should actually be doing school related stuff, but I'm not:)) I just can't yet:)) I feel the need to procrastinate for a little while:))

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